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Professional translation services

Our translation agency Traduction 44 (previously eliTrad)  offers professional translation services in European languages. Whether in technical, medical or legal fields, we are here to help. Trust our team of experts to provide accurate and reliable translations.

At Traduction 44, we understand the importance of quality and confidentiality. That's why we have strict control measures in place to ensure that all translations are accurate and meet the highest standards. We also maintain strict confidentiality agreements to protect your sensitive information.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all translations meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations. If you're looking for a reliable and professional translation agency in France, look no further than Traduction 44.

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Tél. : +33 09 51 19 49 90
Mobile : +33 06 17 90 02 86

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Our translation services

Our translation agency offers a wide range of translation, editing and proofreading services for European languages. Our experienced team of translators are highly qualified and specialised in different sectors, including technical, medical, legal, financial and general. We are committed to delivering precise and natural-sounding translations that are tailored to your specific needs. Here is an overview of our services:

Technical translation
Translation of documents related to engineering, technology and other technical fields.
Medical translation
Translation of medical documents (clinical trials, medical reports, marketing authorisations)
Legal translation
Translation of contracts, legal documents, legal rulings and other documents related to the field of law.
Financial translation
Our translators specialised in finance are familiar with economic and financial concepts, enabling us to provied translations tailored to your commercial needs.
General translation
Business communication: Blog articles, websites etc. or personal documents.

And let's not forget

Our team of translators

Our team of translators are experts in their fields and specialise in European languages. They are rigorously selected to ensure we provide precise and high-quality translations, which is why they only translate into their native language.
We translate from and into French, as well as other combinations such as English to Spanish, German to English and English to Polish.

Sworn translations:

  • English<>French

  • French>Polish

About us

An experienced freelance translator (English and German to French), I set up the translation agency in 2015. We specialise in the translation of European languages in a variety of sectors. Our team of expert linguists apply an impeccable level of precision and rigour in their work to ensure high-quality translations. We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs through reliable and professional translations.

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